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Learning to Lead!

We are wrapping up our first full week of 2020 Virtual LEAD School. We have had Chapter Officer Round-tables for the President, VP of Finance, VP of Chapter Operations, VP of of Community Service and VP of Professional Activities, getting to speak and collaborate ideas from chapter leaders across the nation.

COVID-19 has impacted us all and brought about resiliency and flexibility. In this, we have had to change the way we operate. Sessions on this included 'Managing Chapter Finances and Fundraising, and 'Recruitment: What Worked and What didn't Work. Being in a fraternity during a pandemic has its challenges. Listening to other chapters' solutions will help bring information back to create strategic actions towards getting value for our chapter and its members.

Let's talk about virtual: virtual burnout is a thing. We have all been in numerous classes or meetings via zoom by now. It seems to have become a new normal. LEAD School 2020 offers several courses on this, training on 'Virtual Meetings that Work to engaging members and 'Fire them up: Motivating Your Member by not delegating work but empowering them.

This week has had a plethora of information with its 27 sessions just this first week—each offering insight and guidance for achieving excellence as an individual and a chapter. Looking forward to next week!

By Megan Widner

Chapter President

Epsilon Zeta Chapter

Who should apply For
SprinG 2021 recruitment?

Midwestern State University undergraduate and graduate students with a major in the Dillard College of Business Administration, with a minimum 2.5 GPA, graduating no sooner than Fall 2020.


3410 Taft Blvd #12790

Wichita Falls, TX



​Questions? Ask the chapter president:​

Even though our formal recruitment period is at the beginning of each fall and spring semester, our chapter is always accepting applications. we are taking applications for fall 2019. Click below!